Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Leaving Home

Sometimes when I leave home, I get to leave home. This time, not so much. So far in the past 24 hours since my kid got up:

one has been threatened on Facebook,
one has refused to stop a behavior that is not good no matter how much we insist;
a cell phone has been dropped in the toilet;
another kid didn't get up yesterday and was late to school again;
another kid slept through their school day yesterday;
another "kid" is complaining about something we did for them years ago that we did in good faith and was actually a huge savings for them,

ok, ok. You get the picture. And they are texting and calling and IMing me -- so that I don't miss out on any of it.

Yesterday was such a nutty day! I left home at 3:30, got to the airport and on the plane fine, had breakfast, and then got ready to bored. Got my first class seat (from the fiasco of the flight change -- they upgraded me) and got all settled. Then they made us get off the plane. Waited an hour. Got back on the plaine. Was over an hour late making it to OKC. Hadn't eaten. Grabbed trail mix to eat a quick lunch before resting. Trail mix fell out in hotel shuttle.

Couldn't rest. Was supposed to have dinner with one of the conference people who had invited me to eat out. But there were tornado warnings, so she asked me to join her in the hospitality room for leftover box lunches so she could be by the TV. (I teased them that I was going to tell the blog world that that is their idea of taking someone out to eat in Oklahoma).

Except that before we ate the tornado sirens sounded and we had to go to the stairwell and wait an hour before we could go back and have supper, meaning I went 11 hours without food, which, of course you know, didn't emaciate me, but I was a tad hungry.

One of my FB friends says maybe God has been plans for me here. :-)

I'm doing the opening part of the plenary session this morning to be followed by Michael Patrick Macdonald this morning. Amazed to be in such great company.

Then will sign and sell books (hopefully) and do two sessions this afternoon. It will be a full day and I have a headache that doesn't want to go away, but otherwise I'm fairly well prepared.

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