Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Well, I haven't been to the Y for over a month and wasn't watching what I was eating at all and actually lost a few pounds from the last time I weighed in. What's with that?

And now Kari is AVERAGING 75 more readers a day than I have. Now what is up with that??? Could it possibly be that I'm a pathetic blogger lately.

Let me hypothesize as to why:

1) It's all about me. I'm so enmeshed in my whole busy frantic life that I am blogging a lot lately about myself and not much about parenting or my kids.

2) I don't have the time I used to have to blog... and thus when I do have time I spend it blogging about how I don't have time.

3) My kids are becoming adults and so many of them are connected to other people who might be reading the blog that I've become much more vague.

4) Some of the things that really used to get under my skin don't any more, and so I tend not to blog as intensely.

5) I used to focus on building up the blog and gathering readers and keeping them. Now I have to have that all as a lower part of my priority list.

6) I have been attempting to spend less time at the computer when I'm not working. I used to spend 13-16 hours a day at the computer and now when I'm done working I step away from it...

SO.... that could explain it huh? ;-)

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