Friday, May 27, 2011

Yesterday Didn't Turn Out Quite Like I Expected

I was planning a day of travel and I got a day of travel. But it wasn't the day I planned.

I got to the airport and was told that the next flight getting me home wasn't leaving until 7 p.m. on Saturday night! It was Thursday morning at 9. There were no options. Hail damage to planes in Dallas meant that there were NO flights.

I looked on my phone and the estimated time to drive it was 12 hours and 45 minutes. It was 9:15. I calculated that and thought -- oh, good. I can be home by around 10 tonight if i leave now.

Except that I couldn't leave now. the FOURTH rental place I found had a choice of two cars -- a Mustang and a Mercury Marquis. I couldn't imagine getting in and out of the Mustang... so I paid a whole ton of money to spend not 12 hours 45 minutes but 14 hours 40 minutes in and out of a very large car to get myself home last night.

Now this morning I'm having to have it 75 miles from here by 10 a.m. or pay for another day.

I really wanted to get home... figured my kids needed me to be here more, so I made that sacrifice for them. But based on their happiness to see me this morning, I'm not sure it meant much to them. (everything seems to be my fault today).

I'm a bit tired and really not looking forward to getting back into the granny car. But hey, I'm a granny.....

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gerrinrick said...

Wow, what a long drive!! I'm glad you are home safe!
Gerri from OK