Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Yesterday was a crazy day -- sorry I didn't blog. I got up early, took Sadie with me to pick up Tony and later Salinda and Gabby, came home, rested a bit (didn't sleep much Sunday night) and then worked through the evening. Had a nasty argument with Sadie that was way too reminiscent of some of the arguments Salinda and I used to have.

One of the things that I am realizing a real need for in my life is authentic real life connections with people. My support network is very good and very strong, but it is quite small and I would like to increase it by building more relationships. There are plenty of people out there that I like and enjoy -- so I want to hang out with them more!

Last night we changed plans and made dinner about connections. John and Courtney had come to the park with Isaac to see Salinda and Gabby and we need to not have John back in our home so Bart was feeling sad we were missing out on seeing them. So we changed plans at the last minute and invited them to join us for pizza. It was really fun seeing the cousins interact and being with the kids. It's all about connections, relationships, stories, dialoguing.

Bart and I are reading a book together. It's the memoir of Eugene Peterson, who wrote The Message and is simply called Pastor. In it he talks about communities and/or congregations being places where people share their story -- which becomes a corporate story -- that then allows all of us to share the Jesus story. I like that and am hoping to incorporate the idea of stories and connections into our family life and our church life over the months to come.


DynamicDuo said...

I feel the need to get the book your reading, also - next week if you want to connect I will be in town from 5-7 every night! Have a soccer player who has practice...
The few times I have met you have been, shall we say... cautious?
I'm willing if you are, my world of connections is also very small and could use a change up.

Claudia said...

I'm up for it. Email me privately at maeflye at mac dot com