Thursday, August 25, 2011

Some Quick Updates and a couple Jimmy Stories from the Weekend

Snippets from our lives:

Mike may have lost his job. However, the employer said that he could come back to work when he gets out of jail. He gets out on Saturday last I heard.

John lost his job. He worked for five days and then lost his temper. He blamed his ex-girlfriend (at least the last I heard) at first saying that their argument the night before distracted him and so it was her fault. He has since recanted and apologized, but he is out of a job. Again.

Jimmy's work date has been postponed now for two weeks. Hopefully he will be starting soon.

Sadie seems to have returned to us after a couple months of super rebellion and is now settling down, working fairly steadily though only part time, and making better choices.

OK, now for some Jimmy stories:

This weekend Jimmy asked me "why is it called the Quad Cities." I said, "I am going to help you figure this out. The word quad comes from the same word as the word quarter. How many quarters are in a football game? "four?" he asked. "Right! So if quad and quarter come from teh same word, how many cities do you think make up the Quad Cities?"

He responded, "Eight?" Seriously, he really did. I just looked at Leon and we both smiled.

I must post this picture so that you can see why... but our friend Danielle's little boy is named Joel, but after seeing him with his shirt off and observing how he always looks so serious, I started calling him Buddha.

Later, Jimmy was talking about him and started chanting "Buddhist attack, buddhist attack!" I chose not to explain that that is kind of an oxymoron because Buddhists are pacifist because this conversation followed the Quad Cities being made up of eight cities and I just didn't think he would get it.

DISCLAIMER: In case you think I'm being disrespectful of Jimmy in sharing this, you'd have to meet him. He has told me many times that if stories about him make you laugh I should always tell you. In fact, the whole weekend he kept bringing up his most humiliating moments and begging me to tell our friends about them. So go ahead, have a laugh on Jimmy. It's what he wants. :-)

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