Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's 3:45 and this is what has happened so far today:

Sadie had eye appointment that took forever.

I had a 2 hour meeting.

Bart bought a car. Rand is buying the one we have been driving.

Bart took Rand to work.

Sadie bart and I had lunch.

Dominyk got arrested for shop lifting. I met with store staff and police.

Tony is with his PCA thus he is not getting arrested. Which is why Dominyk should still have a PCA, but I digress into political issues and I try not to mess in them.

Sadie went shopping and spent $35. That took 3 hours. She has a long ways to go to finish.

Leon had football practice

Wilson got picked up at friends where he spent the night.

Ricardo went to soccer practice.

Bart took Wilson to oral surgery appointment -- a pre-visit to get wisdom teeth removed. Leon went to a friends.

Still ahead: Leon and Wilson have a football event, Ricardo must be retrieved from soccer and a few of the kids need to go to youth group at 7. Rand will need his last ride home from work as he will be a car owner and be able to take himself where he needs to go.

I am now sitting at my incredibly messy desk. None of the before-school paperwork has been completed.

So, did anybody ask "What are you guys up to?"


If you want something meaningful to read you should check out Kari's blog about our kind of kids and school. It is very eye-opening.


DynamicDuo said...

The one thing about reading your blog.... invariably your day is almost always more insane than mine. Kind of a sick way to make myself not feel sorry for myself... ;0) It works nearly everyday, and if your having a good day - well then I read Kari's and again - my day just doesn't seem to be quite so sad. thanks, by the way I do include both of you in my prayer chain every morning as well.

Angela :-) said...

Isn't Wilson kind of young to be having wisdom teeth removed?

Angela :-)

Claudia said...

it's part of his orthodontic work. He has a huge mouth full of problems.... and this is just one step of many.

nancy said...

Hey friend..take your grandkids' birthdates off your sidebar for identity theft purposes. People are stealing SS from infants. Do a search as there are recent articles about it. Dealing with issues with my parents, and just noticed that on your site. Advice is not to publicize birthdates of kids or really, anyone online.
Nancy in Iowa