Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Returning to a ton of work but really glad I took a break. We had so much fun together this past weekend reconnecting with friends. I realized that sometimes we end up spending more time with people when they live far away than if they are close by.

Yesterday on our way home Jimmy said, "I wish we lived closer to Ben and Faith so we could see them all the time." And I told him, well, you know what? If we pick some friends in Mankato and add all the time that we spend talking to them for a year, we might not have as much time as we just did being with Ben and Faith for two full days.

Relationships involve intentionality. If we let life happen to us the important gets sacrificed on the altar of the immediate and life crowds in. Even when it comes to authentic conversation with spouse or kids, unless we plan times for it, it isn't going to happen as much as if we do.

I'm challenged by the fact that this coming week I don't have any authentic conversation scheduled. I have appointments, work related and family related. I even have my new Monvee spiritual direction plan imported into ICal. But I don't have any time scheduled to connect with anyone. Guess I should do that, huh?

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Kathleen said...

very true.

You could call me :-)
I can be authentic!