Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm heading to the Y and then to my Office...

Today begins the no wheat experiment and I'm heading back to the Y.... I will blog about all this junk on my other blog.

Went to see John last night. Sometimes talking to him is like talking to a talkative wall. I know, there is no such thing as a talkative wall, but it isn't like talking to a regular wall because walls don't talk back.

He says something. I explain my response. He doesn't understand what I'm trying to say, so he he repeats HIS comments, which I understood in the first place. So I try again to explain what I meant and he says to me, "no, Mom, you don't get it." Ugh.

Isaac and Courtney spent the night on Saturday and went to church and out to lunch with us yesterday. Ever since he was a very very little baby I would say to him, "who is the cutest baby in the world?" and then I would say IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIsaac. He has learned to say his name and it tickles me to no end (as my mother would say) that he says his name like I say it, making the I last a long time. Now all I have to do is walk up to him and say, "Who's cute?" and he'll say "IIIIIIIIIIIIIIzah...." (that's how he pronounces it.)

Dominyk kept having him do it and then made one of his truest comments, "That's NEVER gonna get old."

Dominyk also made an insightful self-aware comment last night that cracked me up. I told him to stop annoying me. He replied, "I'm not intentionally trying to annoy you, I'm just a naturally annoying person."

Off to take the kids to school and then head on to the Y... I'll let you know how it goes.


Suzy said...

Good luck with the no wheat - it has made a huge difference for me, so I hope it does for you as well.

Kathleen said...

My bio son used to do as John does - if our response was not what he wanted to hear, it must have been because we didn't "get" it so he'd rephrase... again and again. (I think he gets that from my MIL.) It couldn't possibly be that we had considered all possibilities and come to a different conclusion!!!

He also would get stuck on a nit-picky detail, a side issue, in a conversation or discussion, and argue and harp on it, when it really had little to nothing to do with the point.

However, several months after he did BIT, we noticed that we had not done either of those since BIT... :-) :-) Well, technically, I think occasionally he will say something that is picking on a non-main detail, and we'll comment that it isn't the point, and he'll agree, and get on with the actual discussion (or give in!).

It's wonderful!


Claudia said...

So what was that deal we were talking about where you were going to come up here and do BIT in exchange for something ;-) and practice on my kids???