Monday, March 26, 2012

It's the little things...

The last couple days there has been some stress at our house. There is an unbloggable situation that our kids don't know about, but I think they can sense something and Tony and Dominyk, who are the thermometers of the family system, were out of control....

You know, it's little things that most families embrace that cause our kids to nut up. Example: Last week our high school basketball team went to state. So many of the kids took off from school early and rode the fan bus to the game. Also, the "nice" parents, called their kids in absent for those last couple hours because the kids didn't want to be the "losers" who got stuck at school. We, however, knowing that the last two hours were study halls for everyone, and that our kids had several missing assignments just a few days before quarters end, just had our kids stay in school. You would have thought that there had been a life-threatening disaster the way a couple of them responded.

Then today is the last day of school before Spring break, and Dominyk, Wilson and I are going to head to the Cities with Bart. I can work anywhere, and Bart and I both have meetings that we can work around, so we decided to take everyone who could go. Tony asked if he could stay with our youth pastor instead who (because he is a saint and one of the greatest people we know) agreed to the plan. The other four have jobs and have to work, so we're going to let them be here without us for the 48 hours we are gone.

But these little transitions make our kids go bonkers. I don't think other people realize just how much the little things count.

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