Saturday, March 31, 2012

Welcome Back A Fib...

I guess I forgot to tell you but on Thursday morning I went back to the cardiologist who reported that my heart as already reconverted back to A-fib but that if I am feeling better the meds must be working.. He is going to be gone for two weeks and if I start feeling awful again he will try another procedure then. However, that will require a two day hospital stay which they should be very nervous about, because I would be feeling reasonably ok and probably torture them all. ;-)

Nothing on the agenda today except that Isaac and Courtney are coming by for a while. I'm at my desk, one of my favorite places to be a on a Saturday. There's something freeing about being here and knowing I don't have to be...

Yesterday I was in the middle of an 11 hour training day -- an hour to set up, 8 hours of training, an hour to clean up, and an hour to discuss progress over lunch. About 3/4 of the way into the day, I got this picture via email on my phone from my husband. he know I wouldn't make it on time to see isaac.

Is he cruel or what?

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