Thursday, January 11, 2018

Why did the pictures of food and treadmills stop? Off the Wagon?

You may have noticed a stop in the flurry of posts about Do It 4 the Kids Day.   This blog entry is an attempt to honestly explain why I have been posting less.

1)  "Crowdfunding" can really start to mess with your head.   Here's some of the rational and irrational thoughts I've had.

  • As always, I was over-the-top with my posts and people started to complain. That lead me to believe that several people stopped following me on Facebook because of the posts.   It makes it discouraging to post stuff if you think it's just making more people unfollow you and seems counterproductive.
  • I started to take it personally.  Some of the people who I view as my closest friends and those who I felt would be most likely to give are not responding and then I started wondering why.  That can really start doing a number on your brain.  I know that they can at least spare $5 and so I started to ask if I had offended someone and that goes nowhere good.
  • I kept fighting with trying to find a balance of keeping people engaged and driving them bat-crap-crazy.   I never felt like I was reaching it and trying to figure out how was making me a bit nutty. 
2)  I had a slump right around the holidays in regards to weight loss.   I was clicking away at a very good pace and then it stopped.  I only went off the plan for 4 days and I didn't even go crazy.  In fact. it was the Christmas I ate the least of probably my whole life.  But when I gained weight and then it started making it really hard to take it off I got discouraged.  I didn't quit, I just didn't feel like posting.

3)  My food got really routine and thus more boring to post.  I am pretty much eating the same things and showing you my banana and cheese stick every afternoon at 3 seemed nuts.

4)  People stopped responding and fundraising went stale.   I figure I need to change my strategy but not sure how.  Any ideas you have would be welcomed.

5)  Some people at work haven't gotten as excited about this as I had hoped and that has been somewhat discouraging.  My role as "Chief Officer" sometimes isn't a good combination with my personality.  :-)  Being relational and authentic and also having "power" means that it's easy to be misunderstood.

BUT, the good news is this.  I'm still training, I'm still dieting, I'm back to losing and I feel better than I have in a long long time.   I'm 60% to my fundraising goal and still have ideas up my sleeve.

I'm still stuck on knowing how much to post though.   Ideas?

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