Sunday, January 12, 2020

A Facebook Message Conversation with Kari

This will remind you of the old days.

Me:  Hey, media whore.  Did you see you made my blog .... again.  Like old times.

Kari:  Haven't had a chance to read it but I saw you were blogging.  Who is the whore now?:?

Me:  Oh.  It's not whore-like.  No selfies of me kissing anyone for example.

Kari:  Spice it up!!

Me:  I've always left the spice to you.

Kari:  Sugar and Spice.  Our new girl band name.

Me:  I"m sugar?  Gag.  I think not.  You may have to be both.

Kari:  (That goofy emoticon with a big smile and tears of laughter pouring out of the eyes).  Your'e more savory, huh?  Bacon.  Bacon and Spice.

Me:  Hmmmm.  Bart says Hot and Heavy.  I think I'm "heavy."

Kari:  Mike is laughing.

Me:  So is Bart.  Dorks.  This is probably going on the blog.  Like the old days.

Kari:  (That goofy emoticon with squinty eyes and small tears coming out of a huge grin).


A few minutes pass.


Kari:  Heavy and Hot Flash.  Perfect name of middle age girl band.

Me:  Bart is laughing.

I thought I'd try and give you a visual of the band....

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