Wednesday, January 22, 2020

I thought you were going to start blogging, again, Claudia. What's with that?

OK, OK, so I got busy and distracted and and and basically I'm not in the habit.

However, this morning I was awake at 4 and at work by 6 so I thought I'd stop by and tell you why I'm too busy to blog.

I am 100% absorbed with the mission of our organization at this point in time.  It's called Vision 30 and basically it's our plan that by 2030 every kid in our region will either be safe in their own home or, if not, be in another setting where their caregivers are supported by a local faith community.  So, to say it in less politically correct terms, we are working so that the church takes back the job of orphan care and makes it their responsibility, not the governments, once again.

Now there are lots of people who follow me on Facebook that would take offense to all kinds of things there, but let me tell you, this is one amazing dream and, if you know this part of the country, doable.  There is a church every 6 blocks here and it's time for the church to start being the church.  Not just taking care of foster kids, but taking care of the families in our community so that they can become healthy.

One of the coolest tools we have come across is CarePortal and I get more excited about it's potential by the day.

We have becoming the Implementing Partner to bring it to Virginia -- for the first time ever -- and will have our first launch on February 19th in Roanoke.

If you have not checked it out, it is well worth your time -- and if it isn't in your community, it should be!   This is the map on the website.  Check it out and then look at the open requests and the impact page.   If you care at all about this topic, you'll find it inspiring.

So, I didn't come in at 6 to blog.... but now you know why I've been busy!  I am pretty consumed with this stuff and I love it.

Family update:  Salinda's husband Mike was laid off before Christmas, but got a new job and starts today.  Dominyk is making progress on getting hired.   There are some leads for Wilson (but dang, that's a tough one).

I better stop blogging before I run out of energy.  Gotta spend it elsewhere :-)

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Sara said...

That is a very cool website. It isn’t in my area- Sacramento. I am not active in a church but I did sign up for alerts in case there is something that comes up in Sacramento.