Sunday, June 12, 2011


You know, the Coffees are like the best friends ever. Mike and Bart have a new grill -- as you saw in the pictures. We purchased it together. And Mike does the grilling. And Mike does the boating. And Kari helps serve stuff and clean up. And Bart prepares the food before we go out there. And I pretty much don't do anything. I like that.

We have so much fun together......


Lee said...

I saw that grille. That is some grilled. All I could think of was the Tim Allen show Tool Time from years ago where he was always trying to soup up things. That is one souped up grille!

Kari said...

Just a clarification-
When I called the grill "StarBUCK's" on my blog I was referring to him as builder & artist (it is a work of art!), not owner.

You're probably thinking we should have had the grill-nup drawn up.

Thanks for the day together...and for sharing one of your woobies with me. ~Kari