Thursday, June 02, 2011

Thanks for Talking Balk

I usually don't thank people for talking back to me, but I loved reading about who you are -- especially those of you who lurk and never post.

If you haven't had a chance to do so yet -- head back to this post and answer my questions. And while you're there, check out who else reads my blog and possibly pay their blogs a visit.....

The post is here and twenty people have responded so far.

And for those of you who reported that you haven't yet read the books.... you can order using the Coupon blogreader and save $3.00 from our prices (which are way cheaper than Amazon's). Our online store is located here. Right now you can order both books for $20.00 -- so, if you use the coupon it will make shipping pretty cheap and you'll actually get both books for $21.00 instead of the $35 plus shipping (rounding up a few cents) you'd pay on Amazon.

Hard to resist a deal like that isn't it? :-)

(And while I have you hear -- reviews for either book on Amazon would be very much appreciated. You could be the first to write one for A Glimpse of God's Heart if you do so quickly. And even if you don't want to write a review -- you could hop by and push the Like button, couldn't you?

How hard is that. Seriously. :-)

Oh, so you need a link? A Glimpse is on Amazon here.

OOMOF, as I refer to it, is on Amazon here.

So, how hard is that?

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Donna said...

Zach thinks it is so cool I know a famous author--he tells people mom knows someone important who has even written books....

I truly enjoyed them both...