Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Heading Home Today...

Still don't have pictures from the camera, but here are a few I took with my phone of the show.

Our trip here to Phoenix was so fun yesterday. Courtney and John and I always have such great talks and Isaac is travelling so very well. Then last night we had dinner with some great friends from college -- who reminded me, much to my shock, that we graduated 30 years ago this year from High School. Now there is something really wrong with that, but I digress.

I worked a while last night and again this morning. Early this morning I occupied Isaac so his parents could sleep a little longer. The picture with the mirror was priceless -- he gives really good kisses when asked, but apparently this time he just figured that little baby wanted a kiss..

We will leave for the airport in about 20 minutes. Trying to catch up on some emails right now. WHen I get home and have the right cord, you'll see some pictures of the trip. Promise. Apparently Iphoto messed up my import and the ones from my phone are deleted... and not on my phone either. fortunately the cutest ones are on facebook, so I can download and show them to you then.

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