Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Was the Adjustment Bureau at Work?

We're back home -- everyone survived here, we had a blast, and I'm missing John, Courtney and Isaac! I'm going to stop promising pictures -- even though you WILL get some at some point.

Just didn't want to take time to download them at the moment because I"m in a big rush.

Yesterday we saw "The Adjustment Bureau" on the airplane. I would NEVER have chosen this movie, but it was so intriguing that I want to rent it again this weekend and watch it with Bart. Has anyone seen it? The plot is a demonstration of the theory that there is a crew of people out there (angels, maybe) who are making adjustments to our lives so that we can be part of a broader plan.

Here is something I wanted to report to you that indicates this may be true. When we were going to AZ, the TSA at the airport barely let John on the plane. They said that if he had a piece of mail that was addressed to him, it would have really helped. Of course, he had nothing.

When we got to Arizona and opened my suitcase, right at the top of all my clothes there was a letter to John (it was from the Department of Corrections, but that's just because it makes the story funny and Ironic). Anyway, I keep mail that needs to come down to my office on my nightstand in the bedroom, and apparently this particular letter had stuck to the bottom of a book I grabbed to throw into my suitcase.

So, on the trip back the guy at the airport told John that that letter saved him. He said in AZ that without that letter they would not have left on that plane.

An interesting coincidence? An accident? Fate? Or maybe just maybe.....

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