Sunday, December 04, 2011

An Unusual Time to Blog

Typically I am teaching Sunday School right now, but this morning is a little unusual. For one thing, we got several inches of snow last night, which meant that I wasn't going to leave the responsibility of driving several teenagers to church to a teenager. Sadie had to work at 10:30, after first service, and I had to be there for choir at 8:30. Wilson, Dominyk and Tony are either in or helping with the Christmas program at 11:00, practice starting at 10, so they needed to be at first service. Bart, of course, goes early, and Rand and Jimmy went with him.

I ended up having to make two trips because Sadie wasn't ready -- a constant struggle in our home -- and so I was late to choir. I am back home after dropping her off at work to pick up Salinda, Ricardo, and Leon to take them to the 11:00 service. Gabby has still not come home but was apparently involved in a car accident last night -- an accident, nobody's fault, but it added to our stress and drama.

So now I"m back home waiting for the other two and thought I'd stop by and fill you in on the details.

I leave this afternoon again to train all day tomorrow, and then have a work meeting in St. Cloud on Tuesday. Then I'm home evenings but gone days until Saturday night when there is a light to the end of this tunnel.

A woman at church this morning who I didn't recognize remarked to me that my hair was a different color than the last time she saw me which is why she didn't recognize me. I laughed and told her that I never dye my hair so I wasn't sure why it was a different color. She went out of her way to make sure that I wasn't offended by her comment.

Made me think about how different people are from one another -- how some people are offensive, passive aggressive and down right mean, and others are nicer than they need to be. I probably fall into the offensive category when I don't engage the filter I actually do have in my head but often ignore, but I am careful to make sure that I watch people's reactions to make sure that I'm not bothering them -- at least I try to be. And I am never intentionally and directly mean.

It's too bad we can't take two people and combine them together to make one person who would be right in the middle :-)

SO I'm off to church again. I hear Wilson has one of the funniest lines in the program. That should be more than fun.... and I hear Isaac and his mom are coming to church. Yay! He was over last night for a while and is so much fun. He fell asleep in my lap -- such a nice thing -- but that was after several BUSY hours! He is into everything....

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