Thursday, June 29, 2017

Back in that Same Old Spot?

Ever wake up and realize that you are right back where you were a few months ago? Maybe you made some progress and were feeling really good about it and then you stopped paying attention and then suddenly realize that you are in that same spot AGAIN!

That happens to me with weight.   I work super hard to lose some and then I stop paying attention and the next time I'm back on the scale and I have gained it all back.   Sigh.   Don't you hate it when that happens?

A few things at work have happened lately that made me realize that in some regards the dysfunctional system has sucked people in.   A year and a half ago I started a series about how to combat dysfunctional systems that I never finished, and I think I need to go back and finish it.  (Here is an example ... the fourth guideline).     But the challenge with dysfunctional systems is that they are just like weight... if you stop paying attention some of the function comes back to drag you in.

A year and a half ago I was paying attention carefully to the system and I was calling people to warfare against the enemy.   It was a daily battle and I was paying attention.  But I took my focus off and stuff is starting to creep back in.  But this time around the right people are here to fight together to get it done.  A few adjustments need to be made, but this time it will be a lot easier to get back on track.

I share this all only to share hope.  Things happened yesterday that proved to me that some of our biggest victories are ahead of us.   God hasn't stopped paying attention, like I did.   He has been here all along, offering us his weapons of war against the enemy.

So what does all this have to do with you?   If you have lost ground and find yourself right back to where you used to be, pay attention.   God hasn't forgotten you.   He still offers you the tools and gives you the courage and strength that you need to conquer whatever stands in your path.

One of my all time favorite quotes by M.H.S. Pourri says
“At any given moment, you have the power to say that this is NOT how the story is going to END”
You have the power today to choose to fight the battle again. You have everything that you need to conquer the giant you face, even if you have failed time and time again.  The enemy isn't going to win this one..... with God's help.  YOU ARE.

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