Thursday, June 01, 2017

How are You Wired?

A constant theme in all of my blogging and in all of my life is the theme of me being in charge of my life.  I have mentioned to you before that my mom still wrestles with these issue at the age of 88.  She talks about giving something to the Lord and then taking it back again and again.   It may be that she and I are similar (genes do that) or it could mean that that is the human condition.

I've been thinking that the reason that this particular struggle is so stressful is that we were created by a God who made us to take our direction from Him.   Even though He gave us a free will, He made us to follow that still small voice inside us where the Holy Spirit is guiding and directing.

But somehow things have gotten kinda twisted.  We end up working really hard to fill life up with things that are complete distractions from that voice.   With the pursuit of happiness, however we define it, we cram our lives with the unnecessary.  We buy possessions that require more of our time and energy to maintain them.   Some of us (I'm guilty) spend more time looking at our smart phones than we do looking at any other person in our lives.   Our priorities have gotten twisted somehow and we find ourselves lost.

If you want to depress yourself, google "effects of stress on the body" and see how many of those physical ailments you are experiencing.   I just did it and I'm not at all pleased with what I discovered.

Stress is caused by many things, but I wonder if removing that one stressor -- the constant need to follow my own path and get what I want as opposed to listening for God's voice and doing what He wants -- would results in a lot of other stressors going away.

Just a thought :-)

Today's song has this line:
And I'm so tired of chasing dreams ....  When I am wired to let you lead
You're wired to let God lead.   I'm wired to let God lead.  We are wired to let God lead.  So let's do that!

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