Wednesday, June 07, 2017

In the Light of Eternity

Do you ever get stuck on something simple and stupid?  Ever obsessed about something that really didn't matter much?  Or ever find yourself in a slump over something that you can't shake that really isn't as serious as you are making it out to be?

One of my favorite phrases as a teenager (I know, I know, I was a bit precocious and kinda hyper-spiritualized for a teenager) was "In the light of eternity, who gives a rip."  (and yes, my personality was also fairly formed by that time... .because I loved the irony of the phrase).   To remind myself of the phrase, my high school class ring has "eternity" engraved on one side.  I can show it to you -- I carry it on my key ring.  On one side it says "Cowboys Class of 81" and on the other, "Eternity."

It still comes to my mind once and a while when I am stewing over something.   I ask myself if I will remember this issue in a year or two.  The answer is usually no.  But even with the big stuff I remind myself that when life is over that everything that happens here will pale in comparison to an eternity in heaven.

One of my favorite songs paints a picture of God standing at the end of my life ... where he is RIGHT NOW while I'm confused and lost.   It talks about how one day I will be with Him, looking back and realizing how the all the pieces of our life fit together... even the ones that are troubling and don't make sense right now.

When I'm lost in the mystery
To You my future is a memory
Cause You're already there
You're already there
Standing at the end of my life
Waiting on the other side
And You're already there
You're already there

One day I'll stand before You
And look back on the life I've lived
I can't wait to enjoy the view
And see how all the pieces fit 
It's my goal that when ever I am in the thick of it I will remember to view things in the light of eternity and remember that my future is God's memory.

If you've never heard the song you should check it out.  It's pretty awesome.

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