Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Lately I have been a pathetic blogger. I have been distracted by oh so many things. I tend to have an obsessive personality and there are times when blogging is my obsession, and other times when it is not.

Part of the challenge, or the reverse of that, is that things are on a pretty even keel for us right now. The kids who are living at home are doing OK -- not by the definition of OK that most people would use, but for us it's the definition. We do have one child whose high grade is a D-. As you know, we have a child on probation. We have an adult child who cannot get hygiene under control for the life of him. We have kids who have meltdowns, refuse to do homework, argue incessantly. We have a daughter who agreed to "go out" with the only guy in the 6th grade that we told her not to talk to. But these are just little things. These are day-to-day parenting challenges that do not go outside our realm of normal.

So, what should I blog about? We haven't had the police here for almost two months. Nobody's life has threatened. I have not been physically injured by a child in over 4 months, we haven't had a major item stolen from us in a couple months either. It's almost as though we're having a calm between storms.

Oh great, it just occurred to me that this might have been a major, major mistake on my part, and I changed the title of my entry.

Fortunately, I'm not really superstitious...

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Psycho Mom said...

It is funny what the definition of normal or OK is in a family with "issues". I am glad you are in a "good" place right now and I pray it lasts longer than normal! And I pray to be in that place soon! Barb