Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm not in the hospital

I walked a mile on the treadmill this morning and I"m not in the hospital like that one chick from the Biggest Loser last night.

Ah, the BIggest Loser. The things we in our society think are entertainment. Watching people lose weight. Watching fat people cry. Very interesting phenomenon. But I am sucked in and will be all season. It's my one indulgence. And of course I do have my laptop on my lap while watching it processing email and such. Just doing one thing at a time highly annoys me. I am the Queen of Multitasking.

Dominyk is a complete disaster in the morning these days. This morning it was 30 minute of crying, screaming, whining just to get him dressed and out the door. His foot itched, his head hurt, he leg itched. First pair of pants were too small. SEcond were too big. Third pair was just right -- except it needed a belt which he declared he couldn't put on himself (uh what about Phy Ed today? Gonna have your 7th grade teacher help you get dressed??? Learned helplessness is what Bart called it as he mentioned that today may not be the day I wanted to try and teach him to do everything himself.

Woke up to a clean kitchen floor. The "adults" who sleep on the porch must have decided to be cleaning fairies last night. I guilted them into by angrily doing the dishes they were supposed to do yesterday -- but I'll take what I can get. John has been doing fairly well, though he does go "out with friends" sometimes and I have no idea where he's going. It's the fact that he can still lie all the time that makes me crazy. It's the only thing I'm focusing on. Yesterday I noticed this huge red mark on his shoulder and when I suggested it might be a hickey he started some big story and I just stopped him about two sentences into it. "Your lies make me think you think I'm stupid. And that makes me mad. I know what it is." To his credit, he admitted that I was right and shut up.

I kind of feel like Cindy today meandering from one thought to another. if you knew her in person she talks that way too -- doesn't just write like that. She's hilarious to just sit and observe.

I was thinking this mornign that I should let you see the first few pages of the next book and see if you like the tone and style. Interested?


FerJeniB said...

C - Our meltdowns typically occur when I am in a hurry or need to be somewhere. I have started telling the boys that appointments are 1/2 hour earlier than they actually are. They still haven't figured it out, but I know that they will. Today I have to get the youngest home from school, check the backpack for hw, gather pencils and paper for hw (heaven forbid mom supply anything), supervise packing of football gear, get boy to mom's place for visit, and get back to work for conference call with Aussies...all in 30 minutes. Plus I have to trust that mom will get him to practice, feed him, supervise homework and get him back before bedtime. Boy and I are both nervous as this is the first time we are trying this...which is leading to stress and a high potential for meltdown. Praying for patience and giving my worries over to Him today. Cheers to you! - J

Miz Kizzle said...

What? He's not allowed to have a hickey?

Claudia said...

Oh, that's not the point. He can have as many hickeys as he wants, I suppose.

What drives me crazy is when I notice and try to joke around with him about it, that he starts to make up some story about a bruise or something when we both know it's a hickey.

I'm way beyond hickey prevention for 19 year olds. I just wish he could simply tell the truth.