Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Just One More Week

For those of you wondering what is wrong with us up here in Minnesota, a law was passed several years ago that stated that school could not start before labor day. Some of the rational was agriculture related and I think it had to do something with the state fair being until Labor Day and kids needing to show their prize hogs or something. I don't know what the exact reasoning was, but I do know, that this year it is really making things difficult.

Elementary and Junior High School students do not start school until September 10th, which is really unheard of. Since they hate transitions everyone around here is edgy and reactionary and annoying. And they are bored beyond belief. Last night I attended Junior High Orientation for what -- the 10th time or something -- and for the first time in my life I was more bored than Dominyk.

Today the 9th graders go to a meeting for 4 hours and I'm taking Dominyk to Dunn Brothers and then finally to pick over the last of the folders for school shopping. I'm not looking forward to that. Tonight is High School parent Orientation, and then this weekend we are off to Valley Fair on Friday.

Anybody wanna come?

I realized that I am getting super pathetic in my social planning multitasking when I send a global invite to my blog readers and Facebook friends to join us for a day at an amusement park.

So far I've had some takers even. Does that mean they are equally pathetic? ;-)

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Barb in No. WI said...

Typically we (WI) don't start until the day after Labor Day, but this year..., well I won't gloat, but 15 minutes ago, we got the kiddo on the bus for school. Yippee.