Friday, September 18, 2009

OCD and the Morning Pee

If you could be here right now you would be able to hear the joyous chorus (snark on for sure) of Dominyk needing to pee. WHen he first wakes up there is always someone in the bathroom and his pre-medicated ADHD combined with his OCD makes his need to get to the bathroom something quite intense. So he begins to chant slowly and somewhat softly for a short time, and then he really lets it out. Eventually the repetition and the noise motivates the person inside the bathroom to hurry. Unless it's Tony. But I don't even want to remember the days when it's Tony. That's not fun.

Back from the Y again with _____less Kari (anybody want to guess what might fit into that blank?) and feeling good that I beat my own record I had previously set yesterday. I'm trying to carve a little time each day off the time it takes me to walk a mile. However, eventually I am going to have to come up with a new goal because me running would not be a good thing and eventually I"ll reach the fastest I can go.

Bart is home this morning and Dominyk has chosen him to be the recipient of the next chant of the day, "My head hurts." I can hear him all the way down in the office. It will be followed by the "I'm itchy chant" which may be followed by the "my arm hurts" or "my leg hurts" or "I'm hungry" or one of the 15 or 20 chants that he has loaded into his brain like an Ipod. He just seems to choose one to play each morning.

Today I am away from the computer for several hours again. When I did the same thing on Wednesday I forgot my extra Iphone battery so I ran out of juice. I don't like to run out of Iphone juice.

Ok, ok, I know. I am rambling with nothing significant to say.

I'm interested to see if anyone besides Kari can fill in the blank.


nancy said...

"hapless Kari"?
"weightless Kari"?
"faltless Kari"?
"effortless Kari"?

But I get it. You were really meaning "clueless Kari", weren't you Pastor's wife...

And this is the funniest statement I've read yet this morning:

"...eventually I"ll reach the fastest I can go."

What if every athlete had that attitude? Sorry, Coach, but I've reached the fastest I can go."

Just have to go on and on... everywhere, my dear friend.


Miz Kizzle said...

Maybe D. can become a rap star. His chants make about as much sense as some of the lyrics to rap songs:

I'm itchy
I'm itchy
Yo! I'm itchy, yo!
Can't get no love in the club
'cause I'm itchy
My posse they're all itchy
everybody's itchy
all the girls is itchy
the gangstas be itchy
po po be itchy
itchy, itchy, yo!

Claudia said...

I'm not telling until I have at least 20 guesses, and Nancy, none of your guesses are what I was writing about this morning. Which ones are true, I won't comment on.

And Mis Kizzle -- that is a hilarious wrap. is a lot like what I might think up. I'm going to teach it to him!

nancy said...

That would be "faultless" for the correct spelling. As if I thought any of those were top on your list.

Adelaide Dupont said...

She was TIREless, I am sure.