Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Feeling Pretty Good ATM

ATM now stands for at the moment instead of the machine where you go to get cash, in case you were wondering.

Yesterday had a huge turn for the better as we had a decent supper together (minus Bart) without anyone being too much of a jerk. And then the kids let me get some things done in the office and Bart and I snuck out and spent some time together. I went to bed feeling incredibly happy and woke up the same way.

Just came back from the YMCA with Kari where I had a good workout and then humiliated myself, but I'm sure she is very excited to tell you all about it so I'll leave it for her to explain. Gotta give her some joy when I can.

The next several hours are full of appointments and places to go and people to see, and then afternoon and evening about work.

ANd for those of you who think I need to slow down. I really do like my life busy.....