Thursday, August 26, 2010

School Shopping Update

Yesterday was very easy. Ricardo doesn't talk much and yesterday was no exception He had no idea where he wanted to go or what he wanted to buy, but with some direction from us he ended up quite pleased. We had a very productive, quiet, non argumentative 90 minutes and then we were done. He hates having his picture taken but I snuck this one when he wasn't looking.

Today will be a much different story. We're taking Sadie and she has 8 stores lined up that she wants to hit with a list of things in each one she desperately needs. She will hope that I take 40 pictures of her and post them all and will be full of unbridled enthusiasm.

I will try not to let her behavior of the past couple days get in my way of having a nice day. She has just been so non-compliant.... sigh.

After today we only have Leon left tomorrow, unless Salinda truly does enroll in school. Then we will take her as well. Right now things are up in the air with everything. In fact, in her life, things have been up in the air with everything pretty much non-stop for months.

I'm just trying not to get emotionally involved in the drama. If I get caught up in one idea it changes in a few minutes anyway, so I'm just trying to step back and hang in there, stable and self-differentiated. Not exactly my style.


Jennifer said...

Praying that you enjoy the day of back to school shopping with minimal drama. I am dreading my school shoes shopping trip with my boys. I am putting it off for as long as I can :)

robyncalgary said...

i love the line "she will hope that i will take 40 pictures of her" lol funny how different some kids can be. my 6 yr old falls in the "hates her pictures taken" category and it's really too bad because shes so darn pretty, same with ricardo- such a handsome kid yet so few pics of him looking AT the camera and smiling lol then theres the kids who pose and smile as soon as you whip out a camera lol

Lee said...

I swear one of the reasons I homeschool is to avoid having to do back to school shopping. Not really but I truly did hate it. I find your plan inspired though.