Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Got My Favorite Gate!

I love Gate E2. It is across from the business center, it is next to a bathroom, and it is by Burger King even! And you don't have to walk far.

Kari and I got on the 6:30 shuttle and arrived at the airport by 8:05. We are now done with security and we are safely at the business center. I am downloading TV shows to watch on my Ipad. On the way up I read half of Lisa's book. Kari and I are going to have dinner with her tomorrow night. Kari has met her, I have not. She says she is expecting big laughs at dinner but no pressure.

Yeah, right. I'm going to give a 90 minute seminar, do a keynote at 3:45 when most people are half asleep and then when that is over be funny at dinner????

By the way, for those who were wondering, shopping with Tony was actually a very good time yesterday. But I'm not going to make any further theological comments ;-)

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Rose Adoption Journey said...

The pressure is on girl!! hehehehe
Have a great flight!