Sunday, August 01, 2010

A Sunday Morning Different than the Others

Usually on Sunday mornings the man I sleep with gets up and heads to the shower an hour before it's time for me to get up. He has some breakfast and then comes up to iron his clothes. I lie in bed and watch him iron (OK, now THAT probably isn't happening in very many homes in the good old USA -- women lying in bed watching their husband's iron!). We talk about the day ahead and attempt to determine what we will be doing for lunch. Then as he is heading out the door to prepare to preach, I get the kids up and ready for church.

But this morning he's in our car somewhere in New York, heading home with Leon and WIlson. They have had a wonderful time and now they are heading here. So this morning I did not get to wake up and chat with him, but am still doing the rest.

ANd of course, there are things this week that are continuing to make my anxiety spike. It will be nice when he gets home, but I don't want the issues that are here to still be here when he arrives. However, to this point I have not been able to take care of one particular issue and I'm not sure exactly what to do. I really don't want Bart to have to come home to it.

So far everyone seems to be getting up for church and getting ready so I won't have that stress. And hopefully I'll have the energy to deal with the junk after church. Ignoring it hoping it will change or go away hasn't quite done the trick.

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GB's Mom said...

That kind of junk almost never resolves itself. Good Luck!