Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The last 26 hours...

So yesterday I get to the clinic and meet with the cardiologist who explains that his recommendation is for me to stay on blood thinners for the rest of my life because we never determined a cause for the blood clots in the first place. Therefore, he explains, if I follow his advice I won't need to have the icky painful procedure done and I'll be free to go.

Well, with a husband like mine, there really is only one choice -- and that is the safest one. So I'll be taking medication the rest of my life and we were free to leave at 10:45 instead of 2:30. So we hurried up, called the woman running the meeting we had said we couldn't make it to, and hopped in the car to enjoy a fun day together. We arrived home after stopping for supper and to watch Jimmy and Tony's tennis match for a bit and were in bed soon after.

Got up this morning and left again together for a couple more meetings. Had one at 10 this morning and then went out for a delicious slice of pizza at Cossettas and now we're at Dunn brothers working on our laptops. I am looking across at him and he looks quite consternated while he works. ;-)

We have a meeting from 3-5, then dinner with some old friends, and back home again to get reaquainted with our kids....

It's been a nutty 26 hours... but the kids seem fine and we are, so all's good!

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