Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wow.... Paybacks are !!!

Time is flying by and life is busy! Did the 11 hour training Tuesday and then ended up going out to dinner that lasted until 9 with some of the other trainers. Got up yesterday and didn't have a chance to blog before we left and drove the 7 hours home that were followed by re-entry into our lives and a night at church. I was so tired last night I literally had blurred vision. But I've slept and it's morning again.

The kids did GREAT while we were gone. But this morning it was payback time and Dominyk had a complete meltdown. But they are all safe at school now. Henry Salinda and Gabby are coming to visit today and we are taking care of Isaac while Courtney works, so we will have grandkid time...

I do another training tomorrow so I have to leave again this afternoon. My busy times come in spurts and April and May are crazy this year.

So that's the update.... Better get busy and get some stuff done. I have been working with my other jobs when not doing training -- but have some things to catch up on and I want to write another blog post with a topic too ;-)

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