Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why Didn't Claudia Blog today?

Well, let's see. I was up late in a hotel last night after a couple family visits and so I woke up quite groggy and 15 minutes late for a conference call that I had rediculously scheduled for 7:30 a.m. -- I was able to do it in my pajamas however... but had to take a break from it to shower and check out and grab breakfast. I finished it up in the car as I headed to meet Bart for a quick lunch and then head to another home visit. I came home and laid down for exactly 22 minutes before I was awakened by children returning from school. Is started to blog then, but got no farther than half the title and had to deal with the nuttiest kids ever.

We have church tonight. And thus everyone is all thrown off. It's Thursday and we don't have church on Thursday and so their poor Dad has to listen to them complain and whine and swear while he is trying to prepare himself to lead a somber worship Maundy Thursday service.

Sometimes our quest for meaning collides -- the meaning we've found in our vocations colliding with the kids who can't take the implications. Any change in routine throws a couple of them off.... and then we have to deal with the repercussions.

Easter weekend is probably the most difficult of the whole year because there isn't as much hype as Christmas. At least at Christmas time there are gifts to distract -- a reward for the torture of going through the motions.

Fortunately there is a telemarketing company who have called me 11 times today and yesterday telling me that I have won a $100 gift card and all I have to do is.....

I never let them get that far -- but fortunately they called one too many times and I was able to vent all over them. Yay me!

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