Saturday, July 01, 2017

Is There Such a Thing as Realistic Adoption Fiction?

Have you ever wanted to read a book about adoption that actually sounded like your life's story?  For years I have wanted the opportunity to hand someone a book and say, "Read this... it's a great read, purely fiction, but it describes some of what it is like to be me."  I never found a book like that.

As you may know, I wrote my first novel for that very purpose.  I wanted to create a story that could be enjoyed by anyone anywhere.  But I also wanted it to be a book that adoptive parents of kids who had FASD, or who had attachment disorder, or who had a traumatic past that led them to great difficulties at home and even residential care, could hand to a friend or extended family member.  I wanted a tool to help people understand parents like us that they would find enjoyable.   Most people aren't interested in a clinically sound explanation of a disorder, but an interesting story that talks a bit about it would be something they would read.

For the first time in my short "writing career" I decided that I wanted to try and get my book published. But I got stuck.   One of the questions that the agent asked on their submission form was, "Name the genre of the book and then find other books like yours to compare it to."  

I tried.  First I couldn't find anything... everything I found was either someone's true adoption story, or it was fiction, but didn't have adoption as a central part of the plot.  I then discovered some "adoption fiction" and read a few books.  One word:  Unrealistic.   Everyone's adoption journey was beautiful in those books.  I couldn't find a book that said, "this is MESSY!"

So I'm asking an honest question here.  Is there such a thing as realistic adoption fiction?  Have you read a novel that you felt told the whole story?  Could you relate to it?

If so, I'd love to see those in the comments here.   No need for a lengthy book review ... just tell me about the book and why you liked it and why you felt it was realistic.

And you know how this post is going to end..... if you have never read "realistic adoption fiction" you should pre-order my novel, because that's exactly what it is.

Am I creating a genre?  That would be cool.  :-)

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Torina said...

White Oleandor. I can't remember the author but it used to be popular and was made into a movie. There's a few others whose names I can't remember but they fit into the family drama category.