Saturday, July 29, 2017

How's NACAC Year 9: It's What You Put Into It.

For many years we have been presenting at NACAC -- the North American Council on Adoptable Children.   Prior to when I started blogging, we attended conferences in Minneapolis and in Chicago.   And then in 2005, when presenting with Bart in Pittsburg, I wrote a legendary blog post called, "How's NACAC?" that was quoted in a NACAC publication. It was from the perspective of a parent. Since then I have attempted to blog a post about each year.

In 2006 I blogged from Long Beach, California from the perspective of a professional.

In 2007, Year Three, I blogged from Tampa about "Support from the past and the future".

2008 we somehow ditched NACAC, but in 2009 we were in Columbus,Ohio and I blogged about how NACAC is about connection

In 2010 I wrote from Hartford, Connecticut about how NACAC demonstrates that everything is intertwined..

In 2011 we were in Denver and I referred to NACAC as the resurgence of hope.

In 2012 I blogged from Washington DC about how NACAC is the re-ignition of passion.

We took a break from NACAC for who knows what reasons and and then last year in 2016 we were in Nashville and I wrote a post called "How's NACAC?" Year Eight:  It's About Remembering."

This year I realized that NACAC, like all things, is about what you put into it.  Things were quite convoluted this year, and I ended up going alone and wanted to see friends on the way. With my limited schedule, and without Bart,  came for literally only two and a half hours of the conference.  The night before I had dinner with Pat O'Brien, as you know, but that was at my hotel which was not the conference hotel.

While I was there I attended only my own seminar (which I did with my friend Yolie and I think it went very well) and I ran into a few people I knew, but I didn't have time to catch up, learn anything, or make the connections I usually do.

I realized then that NACAC is what you put into it.  Just like everything else in life, you have to be fully engaged to get the maximum benefit.

Next year the conference is in Minneapolis and hopefully we will be selected to present.   We may even see if any of our kids want to present with us.   That would be super cool now that they are adults.

I'm determined that next year I have a bit more to say about NACAC than "it's what you put into it."
But after blogging for so many NACAC's I felt like I needed to, albeit ashamedly, post something about this year.

Next year will be better!

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