Monday, October 19, 2009

Back Where I Belong... Barely

This morning I decided I was going to spend the day in my office. Except that I forgot to eat and since I was at the Y by 5, I was pretty hungry by 8. So I had Rand bring me to Dunn Brother's instead (he is going to take 2 to the orthodontist for me today). So I was here without a vehicle, surrounded by food, but... I had left my checkbook at home.

Fortunately, Bart had errands to run so he stopped by to buy me breakfast. Now I"m here until noon. It feels nice to be here.

We realized we have quite a family communication problem. Kyle called each of us (Bart and I) to tell us that he had proposed to his girlfriend Christy on Saturday. We love her, and we are thrilled to welcome her to our crazy family. He also told Sadie and told her to tell her siblings. Apparently, she forgot to tell most of them and I was leaving the pleasure to her.

So most of our kids found out their brother was engaged if they listened to the sermon yesterday. Bart was mentioning his joys for the past week, and included the engagement, shocking most of the kids.

So, next summer we will have all the joys and stresses of a major event in our lives and add the title of inlaws to what will by then be parents and grandparents.

Wanted to take a minute to post these statistics. Interesting stuff that SHOULD motivate folks to adopt.

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