Thursday, October 01, 2009

My Two Heroes -- Reflections from the MSP Airport

My hotel stay last night was so unsatisfactory that I chose to come to the airport two hours earlier than necessary. The room was very cold and the heat didn't work and the desk was at such a weird angle that working was very uncomfortable. I had very weird dreams about fancy churches where pews flew through the air like amusement park rides and a school building where Mike was freeing John from a jail stay in an old school building which involved him being broken out of a rock that he was encased in. So I didn't sleep all that well.

I checked in effortlessly and made it through security quickly and then came to the business center with my fast food breakfast to get a few things done. But first I had to start by reading blogs and discovered that my BFF (which really doesn't stand for Best Friend Forever but you can pretend it does is quite famous and I"m seriously proud of her. And then I read about what my husband did last night after I went to bed, and I'm equally proud of him, not only for what he did, but for the amazing way he writes when he blogs.

Sometimes we do good and get recognized. Sometimes we do good and don't. But the main thing is that we do good.

My week is so full this week with so much going on. By the time I get home I will have been in 4 hotels in 3 different Cities. I will have spoken to three very different groups. I will have had several meals alone and several with very good, fascinating people. And I will have attended one of my daughter's baby showers.

My life is so full. I am grateful for opporutniies like these, and grateful for a husband who can totally handle things on his own. Few men could (and this is not an insult to men). I am grateful for the people in my life who are so brave and compassionate regardless of the challenges they face.

This is a full and challenging week, but so far it's been a good one. And it looks like it will only get better.

My BFF and my husband. Providing me with pride this morning and with motivation to keep going, recognized or not.

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