Thursday, October 01, 2009

For those who have been wanting to hear a success story

First you have to read this entry from nearly 3 years ago. It's a great story.

And then this week, I get this email -- and I have received permission to post picture and story from Dad and Son.

Scott will be graduating this year with plans on 2 years of a junior college before going into the Navy.

He got a job over the past 2 summers and bought and paid for his own Truck. He’s matured into quite the guy!

It’s so hard to believe, that when I got Scott, he was classified as mentally retarded with disruptive behavior on his AdmissionReviewDissmissal from his School ( ARD ) … it’s amazing teaching a kid to read, …where they can go..

… By the way … I have success times 2!

Brandon (who I matched Tim with around the time of that last entry), who will be 15 this year is following in right behind Scott. He’s an A/B student, getting trophy after trophy in martial arts in concert band, and still hugs me every morning and every night before bed.

They’re happy kids! … ( Heck, I’m happy too !! )

Again … Thanks for giving us the moments to treasure, and the future to look forward too.

See why I still keep encouraging adoption? You never know what kid will end up being a Scott.


Angela :-) said...

I still pray for Scott's sister. I hope she found her family.

Angela :-)

Other Mother said...

What a great happy family! I love success stories.

Treasured Grace said...

I get goose bumps reading this story. How very exciting and rewarding to everyone involved!