Sunday, October 18, 2009

Why 13 is easier than 10

This morning we have the task of getting 13 kids, ages 9-21 up for church and out the door. Most of them are reliable once they are up and most get themselves up. However, there are a few exceptions.

The reason it is easier is because in front of their peers they want to appear to be normal and thus they don't do their typical "i can't do that" whiney morning routine and I'm left to get ready myself and enjoy the sounds of their banter.

I'm starting my morning sounding like I'm going to cough up a lung, which I most likely won't do, but you wouldn't be able to reassure those around me.

Busy day ahead including lunch, a confirmation project Sadie needs help with, a concert, music practice and then youth group where, if we can figure out how, Bart will sneak me off for dinner out. I'll come up for air again tomorrow when everyone heads off to school.

Salinda and her boyfriend are visiting for the weekend. She started school up there last week, signifying her permanent decision to move in with his family. This means she is currently attending her 6th high school and it is the first quarter of her junior year. She tends to run from uncomfortable situations. Can you tell? Her life is certainly not one I would have chosen for myself and every decision she makes is opposite from what I would do. It would be nice if she were the only one suffering from the consequences of each choice, but that's parenting. Sigh.

Ready to go hear an incredible sermon.... hope some of you have the same privilege today.

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