Sunday, May 02, 2010

And In Steps the Girlfriend

This morning I had a little help from a girlfriend in getting our son to church. I had given up until she called. Apparently he had told her that he was going and she should come along. So as we were leaving for church she was marching downstairs where he was sleeping and low and behold 30 minutes later they were sitting behind us in church. They also joined us for lunch.

In the line to have our Mongolian barbeque stir fried I simply said to him, "It was nice to have you in church."

He responds, "What is that supposed to mean?" And I said, nothing more than that. It was nice to have you there."

And then I let it go.

Several of our adult children who are in relationships right now (not our oldest) are having struggles with trying to please their significant others. It isn't as easy as they had anticipated. Watching them work out difficult relationships without getting involved has been interesting but they don't ask for help, so I stay out of it. But I can see that relationships are harder than they anticipated.

Since church I have been able to focus on relationships today and we have had a nice afternoon around here. I took a few of the kdis with me to run errands and now Bart has a few others and all is calm.

I am now going to embark upon a dare I gave myself .... making a list of 101 things that have to be done before I go on my trip a week from tomorrow. For some reason it will motivate me. And I know there are 101. In fact, I'll have to prioritize. ;-)

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GB's Mom said...

Yeah for significant others!