Friday, May 21, 2010

Loving the Early Morning

I love early mornings. I was up by 5:30 this morning, showered, and sitting here plugging away at a quite full inbox, getting emails sent to the people I met this week, reading blogs, remembering to blog myself, and planning for a final day of training and a couple meals with some truly amazing people. I'm excited.

I found myself quite sat and lonely last night as my husband got to go to a very good concert... one he described as excellent... while I sat here missing everyone....

But I'm going home tomorrow and then I'll be home for most of the summer, leaving the house, as far as I know, only once a month and the rest of the time spending time with our kids and getting things done.

On June 4th both Rand and Tony will be leaving for the summer, which will make a much different dymanic here. Jimmy has been told that since he is 18 he will be taking over Rand's responsibilities this summer which he can do well (except that he won't be able to drive). I have told the kids they are going to have to plan well this summer as I am not providing rides every 30 minutes all day long.... bikes, walking, and a couple of scheduled rides a day and you better plan it out.

John has practically moved in with his girlfriend supporting her as the baby grows (ultrasound to tell us gender is on June 7). Salinda will most likely spend most of her summer with her boyfriends family. Mike is hardly ever home. So really it will seem more like we have six kids at home this summer -- about half of what we have had the last several weeks. Dominyk has PCA services for about 7 hours every weekday.... I'm thinking this could be a very calm summer.

of course, I just jinxed it....

Better get back to work. I have another blog entry brewing... maybe I'll have time this afternoon to put my thoughts on paper... er I mean screen. :-)

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J. said...

I love the quiet of mornings too. I hope that re-entry goes well.