Saturday, May 22, 2010

Very TIred of My Own Company

I am not a person who has a need to be alone. Being alone tends to make me think too much and I would much prefer to be around people, getting energized by making people laugh, or motivating people by sharing my passion. I do this in my social life as well as my professional life.

But this week I have had several evenings alone. I have had lunch and dinner companions for every meal but two but I have spent a great portion of time just with me and my computer, working my other job into my free hours and focusing on the tasks at hand. I'm getting tired of my ownself, as they say in the south.

So far nothing has happened at home to cause alarm, but that doesn't mean I've not been anxious expecting it. But they have done very well. It makes me wonder if I'm even needed, ya know? They seem very fine without me.

Last night I had several weird dreams that included me being single but dating Dwight from The Office. Interesting, believe me. I also had a dream that I was in a house that was being entirely flooded with water that had instant mashed potato flakes floating in it and somehow it was my fault.

I need to get back to my husband who provides me with balance and my kids who, even with all their issues I love very much. It's time for things to get back to normal.... even though our normal isn't like anybody elses.

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GB's Mom said...

Your normal is yours- enjoy it!