Thursday, May 13, 2010

One of Those Kind of Days

Yesterday was one of those days my mama told me I'd have. I'm still flying high and it's the next morning.

The room was full -- 92 people were there -- and the room was just big enough to hold them. The group laughed when they were supposed to laugh, cried when they were supposed to cry, all the technology worked, the messages got across, and I got excellent evaluations. Several people asked me to come back.

I felt like myself again as far as emotional and mental energy and I loved the great feedback. And, of course, the topics were ones I was very passionate about.

Everything went fine on the home front as well, which always helps.

Days like yesterday are my favorite thing to do. I know that I made a difference in how workers do their jobs yesterday, and I know that this will make a difference in finding homes for children.

And it doesn't hurt that we had amazing authentic Mexican food for lunch and very tasty TX barbeque for supper.

God is good .... all the time .... but some days He chooses to let us see some of His very best stuff.

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You deserve a wonderful day! Glad it went well.