Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Sun Comes Up Wherever You Are

And it did here this morning. Had a great meeting today, fast food for lunch, and am now working on e-mail.

Nothing new from the home front today. Bart and I had an IM conversation this morning that we seriously should just make a recording of and play it.... because we have it often. Is our parenting making a difference? Why do we try so hard when they are just going to head down the wrong path anyway? (His questions). ANd my response? A little to early to determine success or failure when the oldest is only 23. There's still hope.

BUT it is very frustrating to poor hours and hours of time into kids who refuse to accept guidance.... or into those who absolutely cannot comprehend it. So we just keep counting on making it through another day. And as my title says, the sun comes up wherever you are.

Managing emotions of frustration and failure are part of the game when adopting older kids. It's a constant struggle. And let me tell you, it's a bit easier when you're over 1000 miles away.

Hang in there Bart! You're a great dad, regardless of whether or not they listen to you!

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Kat said...

We all have this conversation with ourselves at times, I think. My answer to myself when I as these questions is
"Did God call me to make a visible difference in their lives, or did God call me to parent them in obedience to His wishes?" I think it's me that needs that results (preferably of the instant-pudding variety), not Him, because, after all, He knows the grand plan.