Thursday, July 14, 2011

Count to Ten... or Twenty....or Thirty.... ok, Forty.... Fifty

I have had quite the day of interesting conversations. The kids have nothing to do but talk with me .... so

90 minutes this morning was trying to get the truth out of Jimmy about where he was last night at 11:45. I finally got the truth. Or thought I did. Until I found out I didn't have the whole truth. So I need to start round 2 with him soon.

An hour has been spent having conversation with Sadie about how I dont' really believe that the Free Masons are going to take over the world or that the world is going to end in 2012.

And this afternoon, apparently, is going to be spent listening to Dominyk obsess about how stupid his teacher is. This rant has included statements about the assistant principal's sexual orientation, which I corrected and deemed an inappropriate conversation. We have also discussed each and every one of his teachers and how stupid they are for assigning homework. He has something due tomorrow and he is refusing to do it, leading him to complain about each and every one.

I'm trying to make myself count to ten.... but.... it's taking a bit longer than that and I can't seem to get anything done when I am perpetually counting.....

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