Wednesday, July 06, 2011

My world is still weird

Two more Tony stories:

On Monday Bart was explaining the whole government shut down to the kids. I'm thankful that my pay is not altered by the shut down like some of my friends, but the shut down is annoying me in many ways as it is holding up several key points to adoptions I'm working on. But I digress...

So Bart is telling Tony, Dominyk and Wilson about the shutdown and about taxes, etc. etc., etc. and how much we as a family have to pay in taxes. Tony pipes up with his solution to the whole state shut down and budget and tax issues, "We should just sell Amway."


I wake my kids up once. Or not at all unless they ask me. Tony was very worried last night that he wouldn't wake up because when Bart wakes him up he will go in there three or four times. So he told me that if he didn't wake up that I needed to pour water on his face. I said, "OK!" (a bit too gleefully). "No wait," he said... and he went and got a cup 1/4 filled with lukewarm water. "THIS is what I want you to use!"

"Seriously," I said. You are preparing a glass of water for me to throw in your face." "Yup" he replied as he headed to bed.

(I suppose you're wanting to know the rest of the story. Well, being the kind and compassionate mom I am, I said to him, "Tony, I'm such a nice person that I'm going to give you a chance. I really want to throw this water in your face but if you'll get up out of bed and stand on your feet before I leave the room I won't have to use it. And he did. Without swearing at me. Which is quite unusual actually.

Think this might be an indicator that I can have a good day! If not, there are a couple other indicators. Having lunch with my other BFF Sue (whose fanny is not quite as fat as.....). And i get to take care of Isaac while Courtney sells her plasma. And, to quote an Australian friend of mine that I talked about in this post, "She's selling plasma? Is anything not for sale in that crazy country of yours?"

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