Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Seminars available at a reasonable price

My online friend Kathleen is offering a one-day intensive attachment/adoptive parenting seminar.

She is an experienced bio & adoptive parent. She knows what it's like to try "everything" and still have unsatisfactory results - and knows what it's like to finally find appropriate therapeutic methods and see success!

She has trained with Heather Forbes, Bryan Post (certified Great Behavior Breakdown trainer / coach), and Eric Guy.

Check out her information here.

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peaches21 said...

I have a question, what does everyone really think of Bryan Post and Heather Forbes. I have met Bryan and even went to one of his bootcamps, I have taken Heather's online parent training course, a ten week course. The problem is that my one son is a spoiled little stinker. The world revolves around him and he even admits that most of the time he is playing me. He told my daughter to get what you want just cry and make like you are sorry and I will back down. He also uses his adoption as an excuse. I am this way because I am adopted ect. It just doesn't seem to be making hiim the kind of person I want him to be. I have also read books by Nancy Thomas , while I am not sure that I agree totally with her, I cannot dispute the success she has had. I am just a bit confused right now.