Saturday, July 02, 2011

Nothing Halfway

Sometimes my personality kind of annoys me. I really can't do anything half way.

About a month ago this 20 year old kid from Uganda who has somehow inherited fourteen disadvantaged children. He is persistent, endearing, and very passionate, but things there are quite hard and he really needs some people in his corner. So I offered to help with his website.

Somehow in my "spare time" I have finished the website but now there are several other questions. If we get people to sponsor him, how can we get money to him? What is his budget going to be (that is done and set up)? What about tax-exempt status? And now I'm knee deep in yet another project.

Sometimes I wish I had another personality -- or that I knew how to do less things. Because for example, there is nothing about this I don't know how to do. So I can't really tell him, "I'm sorry, i can't help you."

I was just telling Kari that I feel bad that I haven't been able to keep my blog readers happy and that my readership is going down because of my lack of time. She tried to tell me that it's not about pleasing readers -- but about expressing my feelings. Yeah right, Ms. SiteMeter Obsessed One.

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But really, my blog is about me, not you. Right?


Anonymous said...

I'm still reading!! :) --Missy--

Kari said...

You crack me up.

Lee said...

Well I for one am a happy blog reader! :-) And I am so technologically impaired that i didn't even know about blog stats till about a year after I started my blog! LOL

kidsaregreat said...

I'm not sure where in Uganda he is but I do know a pastor couple from Colorado that are in Uganda about every six weeks. They might be able to help him in some areas. Their daughter is moving there in about a year to run a orphange etc . Send me an email if you want their information.