Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Alone on VD in BG

It's Valentine's Day. I'm alone in Bowling Green, Ohio. It is as exciting as it sounds. Good day of planning. Tired tonight. Sleep will feel good.


and that is as far as I got and forgot to hit send last night. Pathetic huh?

Today we have another day of strategic planning. Anyone who adopted from foster care have any opinions they'd like to leave as comments about the matching process to give us some ideas. What was hardest about it? What kind of help would have been helpful?

I figured you'd want to see this picture Sadie took of Gabby this weekend. I know everyone who has grandkids thinks they are the cutest, but look at her.

Just sayin.


Cody Lee said...

If you're still in BG tomorrow night and are bored, wander over to the city park. There's an SCA meeting/fight practice.

Also, you have an adorable grandbaby.

And the hardest part about trying to adopt from the foster care system so far has been the lack of responses to mine and my social worker's queries!

Susan said...

She is the cutest! I would just spend the whole day kissing her little cheeks!

We've only ever adopted kids that were already living with us when they became available. I don't know if we would have been matched with them had we done it the other way (where you tell what you want and they match you up) because we didn't think we wanted kids that had FAS or psychiatric history. We've got both of those things and more, but they're our kids so we just figure it out as we go. The few times we talked about adopting (because we were totally not fostering to adopt) we thought we would might have kids of a different ethnic background than we have and that we would be explaining that they were adopted all the time. We've ended up with kids that look just like us and no one thinks they're adopted, except that I'm old so occasionally I get "you didn't birth those babies! Are you their grandma?" Or some such nonsense. I did recently have someone ask me if I was sure that my daughter was adopted. I liked that one.

Sorry rabbit trail... If there was anything that I would have liked to have been reminded of before God started growing our family this way, is that He knows better than we do. It may not be easy, and lots of times it's really hard, but these are the kids He gave us and they are ours. No more or less than if we gave birth to them.

Kathleen said...

Matching process? What matching process? We picked our kids out from a photolisting on the internet.