Thursday, February 23, 2012

Serving Dinner to Drunk Jesus

The conversation we had on the way to church for the Ash Wednesday service last night was interesting if not profound.

One of Mike's old friends has been coming to our church off and on for the last several months. He is in and out of his mom's house because of drug issues. Lately he has been living in the homeless shelter and not at home. He knows that on Wednesday nights we serve supper at church. When he comes someone always covers his meal.

One Wednesday a few weeks ago he brought some of the guys from the shelter with him and it caused a bit of a stir. They were a rough bunch. They didn't do anything inappropriate but they did wander around the building and make a lot of people nervous. One of them was pretty drunk or high.

So last night we were talking about whether or not it was OK to "kick someone out of church." They mentioned that maybe this friend of Mike's shouldn't be allowed to come to church because he "invited those guys to church to eat." "Why would he invite a drunk guy to church?" they asked.

I said, "well, I think all that he knew is that the guy was homeless and hungry and we had food. I'm not sure that he thought about it any more than that."

I then had to go on to talk about Matthew 25 and how Jesus says, "if you do it to the least of me, you've done it unto me." I explained that that guy gave us an opportunity to serve dinner to Jesus.

So Leon and Wilson were asking me if Jesus was drunk and started referring to our church as a place that would serve dinner to drunk Jesus.

I didn't get into the whole theological debate as to whether or not Jesus ever was drunk or if it was OK for us to talk about "drunk Jesus."

But I've been thinking about it ever since. Could it be that every church should be a church that "serves dinner to drunk Jesus."


GB's Mom said...

Quite possibly!

Cyndi said...

I have always thought that church was supposed to be a welcoming place for everyone, yet there seems to be this idea that some should not be there. Since no one in this world is perfect lets just join together in our imperfections and celebrate who we are.

Treasured Grace said...

I love how kids think about things so matter-o-factly!
It's true! We should serve dinner to drunk Jesus :)
It's sad and unfortunately a reality for people to be cautious of "rougher" people coming into church for dinner but I agree, if we don't feed him who will?
Maybe next week or the week after or the month after when he's sober he'll come back and then you will get share with him about Jesus, drunk or not!!
Thanks for that reminder :)

Sunday Koffron Taylor said...

Amen! I am not religious, but I have seen the "least of us" rise up and act on the behalf of the greater good and I have seen the very pious turn a blind eye to the suffering of others.

Mandy said...

I sit in church on Sunday and listen to the Pastor talk about church being a place where everyone should be welcome. So many can talk the talk, but ultimately would rather stay in their comfy "country club" environment. Good for you!

Miz Kizzle said...

Of course! Welcoming society's outcasts and feeding the hungry are two of Christianity's most important pieces. Unfortunately, some churchgoers are judgemental and petty. They have no idea what the Bible really says.
I am sick of people who like to pepper their conversation with the phrase, "Well, I'm a Christian and I think..." Usually what follows is the most hate-filled garbage imaginable.
I also despise people who, when told of some misfortune, grandly offer to pray -- as if THEIR prayers will be especially effective. Prayers are very good. I pray a lot, but I don't show off about it. The Bible says something about that, too.

ZetaBlue said...

Yes, every church should reach out to ALL. However most are stuck in the Old Testament, living under slef imposed laws and that allow disdain of others who are not like them. Pretty sad.