Monday, February 13, 2012

Dr. Pepper Underwear and Other Updates

Yesterday I made an error in judgment and boy did I pay.

One of my teens had such a filthy mouth right before church -- and the words were directed at me -- that I lost my composure and tossed a 1/4 of a glass of warm water on him to get his attention. I know, I know, it isn't going to help -- but I was incredibly frustrated and once I get to that point things like Pavlov's dogs come to mind and I just get this idea that maybe oparant conditioning might work. (for those of you who didn't study psychology, "Operant conditioning is a form of learning during which an individual modifies the occurrence and form of its own behavior due to the consequences of the behavior." -- Thank you Wikepedia).

So, the nasty words come out of the mouth, the water goes onto the kid, and he learns not to swear again. Right?

WRONG. The nasty words came out of his mouth, the water goes onto the kid, and the entire glass of Dr. Pepper that he had poured after taking it without permission gets thrown all over me, my bedroom, paperwork that was in my bedroom, a pile of clean clothes that was in my bedroom, the sheets, the blanket, the comforter. I had to completely change my clothes and he spent the rest of the morning swearing at me anyway.

I got to church having changed all my clothes, even my socks, and then realized that I had not changed my underwear... and it was wet with sticky Dr. Pepper. I attended church, Sunday School, and church again with Dr. Pepper on my underwear. I bet there was nobody else at church with Dr. Pepper stains on their underwear. At least I'm not falling into a rut of being like everyone else.

All day yesterday I tried to access the shuttle website and the links weren't working. The last time I checked I could have sworn that there was a 10:00 or 10:30 shuttle. They wouldn't answer the phone any of the times I called yesterday. So this morning I discover, at 8:45, still unpacked, that the shuttles don't run at 10:30 but at 9 and 12:40. The 12:40 doesn't get there until after my flight leaves.

It's snowing and Bart has to make an unexpected trip and I feel horrible about it. WE spent most of hte day in the car yesterday. Sigh.

But the tickets are bought and I have to go, so there are no other choices. And I'm so tired from all this health stuff that I was in tears about it....

But he's a wonderfully patient man, we will get some unexpected time alone together, and hopefully the roads will be safe.

I must go pack so the other updates will have to wait until I arrive in Ohio -- or at least until I get to the airport.

Isn't life exciting?


Denise said...

I'm sorry about what happened, but I love your sense of humor!


Oh I had to laugh. Sorry. But the Doctor's my fave but I'll never be able to drink it again without thinking of your underwear...

Claudia said...

Secret Pepper Person -- I certainly hope that the memory fades and that one day you'll be able to return to a trauma-less Dr. Pepper experience.